Herzlich willkommen auf – beim Sonderforschungsbereich 824 Bildgebung zur Selektion, Überwachung und Individualisierung der Krebstherapie

Der SFB 824 ist ein interdisziplinäres Konsortium, an dem Mitglieder der Technischen Universität München (TUM), der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), und des Helmholtz Zentrums München (HMGU) beteiligt sind. Ziel ist es, Methoden zur bildlichen Darstellung der Tumorbiologie zu entwickeln, um damit die Therapie bei Patienten mit Krebserkrankungen individuell anzupassen und zu überwachen.


MINDFUL (Multimodal ImagiNg Data Flow StUdy Lab) is a central system for the collection of data in preclinical studies developed within the SFB824 consortium.

Its main features are:


- All data are recorded and stored in a central, platform-independent database

- The design of the individual studies is presented textually and graphically

- License and protocols are registered and saved for each study

- The course of the study can be tracked textually and graphically

- Multimodal images can be viewed directly in the system

- Granular rights management system for data access

- Platform-independent user interface of the system running in a browser

- The system is accessible from anywhere - even from mobile devices



Während der letzten Wochen wurde unser präklinisches 7T MRT erfolgreich zu einer Bruker Biospec Konsole auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik umgerüstet. Somit sind wir für die Implementierung neuer Pulssequenzen und die Anwendung optimierter MRT-Protokolle ausgestattet. Heute konnten wir die ersten in vivo Bilder nach der Konversion aufnehmen. Ein beispielhaftes Bild einer Schicht durch eine Ratten-Leber ist unten gezeigt.




Preclinical imaging core facility at TranslaTUM


The new Central Institute for Translational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM) will offer over 5600 square meters of research space and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to 16 interdisciplinary working groups devoted exclusively to oncologic research projects. The synergistic interaction of medical scientists, molecular and cell biologists, chemists, engineers and physicists will lead to an increase in translational transfer of newly created knowledge into clinical oncological applications. A key role in this approach will be played by the TranslaTUM’s central services: an animal core facility, a sequencing unit, cell analytics and a fully equipped preclinical imaging core facility (ICF).


The ICF comprises modern imaging laboratories and dedicated animal housing, which are completely integrated within the radiation control area under high hygiene (SPF), biosafety (S2) and security conditions. By this means, the compliance with the latest guidelines for animal research and handling of radionuclides is ensured.


The ICF will gather both spatially and functionally a large set of multimodal and high-performance small-animal imaging infrastructure: MR, MSOT, US, PET, SPECT, CT and Phase-Contrast-CT. The joint operation of these modalities will host a broad variety of imaging studies employing established and validated methods including GMP produced radiopharmaceuticals. Two facility leaders, one with technical and one with biochemical scientific experience in preclinical imaging, are responsible for supervising and coordinating the proper functioning of the imaging facility. Their close and frequent interaction with the TranslaTUM research groups will contribute to the successful implementation of the institute’s scientific agenda.


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