PhD Studiengang

This three years program provides a high-level scientific training for students with a background in medicine as well as for those with a background in natural and life sciences or engineering. It consists primarily of an experimental scientific project that is performed in the laboratory of a faculty member. The practical work is complemented by interdisciplinary lectures, seminars, practical courses and laboratory rotations. More


Graduate School of Information Science in Health (GSISH)

GSISH believes that due to substantial changes within medicine and the whole health care domain, a key role has emerged for informatics in health, in health technology and in related fields. To face these challenges, multidisciplinary collaboration between informatics, medicine, and many other fields has become essential. More



International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)

The TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) is sponsored by the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments with more than 7 million Euros in funds for the period 2006-2011. IGSSE aims to integrate Natural and Engineering Sciences through graduate and postgraduate education rooted in a strong research foundation. The education offered by the Graduate School is interdisciplinary and team-oriented.


Typical research areas include Computational Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials, and Energy, Geodynamics & Environment. IGSSE brings together German and international Research Training Groups and Master’s programs at TUM. More


02.04.2020 09:00
In Vivo Magnetic Resonance – Recent Methods and Advances
01.04.2020 15:30
“Radiotheragnostics in Cancer Research – Terbium Sisters and Beyond”
22.05.2019 13:00
The curious case of the molecular subtypes of glioblastoma
28.03.2019 00:00
Girls´ Day-Angebot im TranslaTUM
06.03.2019 11:30
HSP110 as a therapeutic target in colorectal cancer: from crystals to drug selection
12.02.2019 17:00
Lecture “From yolk sac to neurodegeneration: the multiple facets if microgli” by