Project B4 - Theranostic application of functionalized Hsp70-targeting nanoparticles for in vivo tumor imaging and drug delivery after radiotherapy

Hsp70 is frequently overexpressed in many different tumor types and presented on the plasma membrane (mHsp70) due to a tumor-specific lipid anchorage. Our fluorescently-labeled Hsp70-specific probes (antibody, Fab fragment, peptide) detect mHsp70 positive tumors and metastases in the sub-mm range in different mouse models. Due to a rapid endocytosis and retranslocation at 37°C, mHsp70 provides an ideal vehicle for a targeted drug delivery. Based on these findings, we will develop innovative Hsp70-functionalized nanoparticles with trimodal activities: improved tumor imaging/killing capacity after radiotherapy and stimulating of protective immunity.



Prof. Dr.
Gabriele Multhoff