Project B4 - Hsp70 peptide for in vivo imaging of tumours

The specific goals of project B04 will be to comparatively test our novel fluorescent and radioactive labeled Hsp70 tools, such as Hsp70 antibody, Fab fragment, single chain fragments and Hsp70 peptides for in vivo imaging of primary tumors and distant metastases in syngeneic and endogenous tumor mouse models. The best candidate will be utilized to define the minimum size of a primary tumor and metastatic lesion that is still detectable by the specific Hsp70 tool. Since Hsp70 is rapidly endocytosed from the plasma membrane into the cytosol of tumor cells, Hsp70 antibody-drug conjugates will be developed for use as a “theranostic”.


Prof. Dr.
Gabriele Multhoff